To candidates seeking the Green Party nomination for President of the United States:

The Green Party of the United States has run presidential candidates in the last three cycles and will be running a candidate again in 2008. The Green Party process to garner the nomination is a competitive process culminating in a national convention in which delegates from the state parties will choose the nominee.

The Green Party has various resources available to candidates including information on the details of the process and access to lists of Greens who might be of service to a campaign.

Letters of Intent:
A candidate may approach this process in any manner they choose, but if they would like to access Green Party resources for the campaign the first step is to write a formal Letter of Intent to the Green Party Presidential Campaign Support Committee (PCSC) to (gerritt at stating your interest in running. The Letter should include complete contact information, and a short biography statement - no more than a long paragraph. We will acknowledge the receipt of the letter within 48 hours.

Candidates who submit Letters of Intent will be sent a formal questionnaire so that PCSC may best judge how we can be of assistance. The questionnaire will ask about how campaign structure, campaign strategy, and views on various issues. Once the questionnaire is returned our formal process for providing resources begins.

If you would like informal advice prior to sending a Letter of Intent, you may contact the following PCSC co-chairs.



Greg Gerritt email
Cat Woods email


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